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Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is a Travel app helping people discover new places to visit & see in different cities around the world. Alongside a seamless UX, one of the main challenges of this project was to make the app visually interesting to help differentiate it  from its competitors.

Bon Voyage is a speculative case study, designed as part of my course at Flatiron.

My Role

Sole UX/UI Designer
Responsible for research, creating persona, concepting solution, branding, high fidelity screens & prototype.


4 Weeks

Tools used




Splash screen and a few on-boarding illustrations with quick information to let users know exactly what the app is about.

illustrations by undraw


Personalised home screen with the users name. They can browse by search or carefully curated list.

Boards + Itinerary

All the users favourite items are categorised in boards by country or city. They are also able to add item to their itinerary and the app will auto-create fully customisable itinerary for each day.


Research plan

Travel app market is saturated so it is important to offer what competitors are lacking. With my research I am hoping to better understand current trends, gaps and opportunities.
I will first synthesis the interview transcripts & identify the common thread to define the core user needs.

Interview Findings

'I often save photos on my personal Instagram account as a reference point of places to visit.'

'I would say that my biggest issue was that we had a plan, but execution was poor.'

'I read a lot of reviews before I make a purchase or decide to go anywhere.'


  • 100% look at reviews influencing their decision.
  • Users want to save time planning trips.
  • While on the move users do not want to depend on wifi to access travel information.


Active adventure seekers need a way to discover new places and quickly organize travel effortlessly.

Primary Persona

With the research and problem defined. I created a fictional persona - meet Sophie.

Sophie West is an adventure seeker. She likes planning in advance for short and long trips to get the best out of her trip. She gets frustrated as she always finds herself looking at multiple platforms to organize her travel. Sophie needs a product where she can discover new places and easily create an itinerary. This way, she will be able to save time and have a more pleasant experience organising her travel as she’s often busy and on the go.

Sketches & Ideation

One of Sophie's main need was to save time.
I focused in on this need and created various sketches then proceeded to creating a mid fidelity flow.

Mid fidelity flow

Design Exploration

Brand Identity

The brand color palette focuses on naturals to associate with the earth and nature. It’s warm tones offers calm and comfort aiding to a simplistic visual design to avoid cognitive overload for the user.


Opted to use a classic sans-serif typeface Helvetica Neue for it’s clean, bold and modern look. It combines the aesthetic and functionality of text type that is perfect for copy or display.

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