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CircaGene is a start-up genetic health company that offers DNA tests to gain insights into your health, life and risk for hereditary diseases. Our team redesigned CircaGene responsive e-commerce platform to increase brand awareness & trust, clarifying the brand message and unique selling proposition while emphasising the conversion opportunity (ordering a test kit).

My Role

UX/UI Designer
I worked on research, usability testing, moodboards, prototype and the final deliverables


4 weeks


Monika Bk (me), Casain & Lindsay

Tools used

Adobe XD, Sketch, Otter.ai


Full website design + responsive mobile delivered



For this project we followed the Double Diamond Design Process by using this methodology we were able to implement a user centred approach keeping the clients involved throughout the 4 week process.

We first Discover by focusing on the current product, the market and our users. Then we Define the pain points and core user needs. We then explore and Develop design ideas, test and iterate prototype throughout this process until final Delivery.

Client workshop to understand their product & service

To start off the project we held a workshop with our Client. This process helped us unveil their brand goals & clearly distinguish their unique selling proposition.

We carried out usability test on the previous website to understand needs, frustrations & motivations.

8 users interviewed - in-person & remote
During the interview we reviewed the users journey & experience as they browsed through the website. We compiled all the findings and identified 4 customer needs that we wanted to solve in order to meet our project goals.

Core user needs

1. Trust

"Is the information provided accurate, is it real?"

Transparency and credibility helps users gain more trust so we will be looking to implement more lab information and also industry standard certifications. Users also expect to see reviews, informational videos or more information about the products.

2. Knowledge

"How does this DNA kit benefit me?"

We found that a high number of users did not know the value of DNA testing and why this would benefit them. We will be focusing on the value proposition and the why behind the brand.

3. Intuitive

"How do I find out what’s right for me?"

Users didn’t understand the differences between products. The flow of the site needs to be intuitive and guide the users through a journey so they are better able to clearly distinguish between the products.

4. Assistance

"Is the information provided accurate, is it real?"

As an online store we found that users are more hesitant, providing a quick ‘human’ service will help build a foundation of trust.

Problem statement

The user needs to understand what services CircaGene provides and compare and differentiate the products to buy with confidence and ease.

Market research to identify strengths & opportunities

We researched 6 direct and 5 indirect competitors. Our aim for this research was to identify what’s out in the market, look at strengths and opportunities. We considered information such as tone of voice, Imagery, content type and information architecture.

Competitive Analysis revealed insights for Information Hierarchy

As we dived and looked into the market we spotted trends & patterns on the way information is displayed.
To ensure our assumptions align with what the users want we used card sorting (optimal workshop) to gain further insights.
We synthesised our findings which formed a great foundation into defining the information hierarchy.

Increased user trust in low fidelity prototype & testing

With the information structure in place & with a clear definition of our problem we created a low fidelity prototype. We asked our users to complete a series of tasks 'Shop and buy a product' & also followed up with some post usability test questions 'Can you tell me what service CircaGene provides?'

9 user testing, in-person & remote



Trust with their genetic data


Easy site navigation


Quick and easy checkout

For our first prototype we had quite a successful round with 70% of our users trusting CircaGene! We discovered a few areas where we can improve so will be implementing these opportunities in the next round.

- Brand transparency
- Clearer information about the products
- Testimonials/reviews from actual user

Design Exploration

We worked of divergent design ideas which was tested with users, we gathered the votes before presenting to our client.

Validate design direction

25 user tested

We tested our design using dot voting system. We also asked users for their thoughts on feelings that were evoked whilst looking at a design.

From our mood boards there were 2 designs that really caught our clients eye. As they had a big decision to make in regards to the style of their brand and what values they want to represent we also created style guides to help them better visualize.

Brand identity

Blue offers a feeling of security and reliability. We have created the following brand identity for CircaGene to help present the brand in a consistent, recognisable and proprietary way.

This color tested best with our users as well as stakeholders. We have carefully selected distinct blue tones as well as incorporated some subtle gradients for a more modern look.

Mid-Fidelity prototype & testing

15 user tested, in-person & remote

Final results


Understood the services & benefits


Trust CircaGene with their genetic data

With the style chosen, we worked on the second iteration of our prototype. We implemented user & client feedback from our first round as well as added some more additional content. In this round we saw a huge improvement! The new design was well received and successful.

Reflection & Recommendation

As a team we are really happy with the outcome! In this four week period we have delivered a complete rebrand and fully developed a more seamless e-commerce experience for the user. We have also successfully managed to add credibility & in-turn increase user trust by 85%.

The team and I wish CircaGene the best of luck on their journey. We have given the below recommendation to the client to further boost user trust and sales productivity.

- Hire a science copywriter (users still want layman’s terms)
- Live chat function & toll-free help line for users
- Create video content of customer’s testimonials
- Keep adding customer reviews from Trustpilot


‘I have worked with Monika for 4 weeks in my UI/UX web designs. We want to express our appreciation for all your fine work, Monika ! In my mind, what you did was outstanding! you met every challenge faced on to create sharp, contemporary designs. I recommend her gladly!’

François Paillier - CEO & Co-Founder of CIRCAGENE ltd.