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‍Voodie is an app helping people transition to a more plant based/Vegan lifestyle. Level Studios bought us a pre-exisiting app, their main ask was to evaluate the value of the app’s three core features consisting of a restaurant locater, barcode scanner and recipe finder. Alongside refining the UX we also gave the app a complete rebrand and redesign.

My Role

UX/UI Designer, end-to-end project delivery. Responsible for User Research, Synthesis, Ideating concept, High fidelity screens, Prototype and Usability testing


Monika (me), Casian, Charles, Holly & Lindsay


5 Weeks

Tools used

Figma, Typeform, Mural



We have designed a fun little pop up animation alongside a short description on how the app works for the first time user onboarding.

Restaurant finder

Our users are able to find vegan & vegetarian restaurants alongside various different stores including bakeries, whole food stores, supermarkets & cafe’s. They are able to browse via a list or map view & personalise the content they see via a detailed filtering system.


The Scanner allows our user to scan products to find out if they are Vegan/Vegetarian, Eco friendly, Fair trade or Organic. Our database has over 180,000 products but incase the product cannot be found, users are able to contribute by sharing the product information with a quick photo and be rewarded with a badge for their contribution.


Our reward system allows us to build a sense of community within the app. Users are able to collect badges by leaving reviews, listing a restaurant, share product ingredients or contribute to the database.


We talked to 20 individuals with a diverse range of dietary habits.This highlighted various opportunities we could explore.

The aim of the app is to help users transition and gradually form a plant based lifestyle, it was important for us understand their goals and difficulties from the get-go, we dived straight into user research to find out their main needs.

User interview findings

‘I spend about 80% of my time in the supermarket looking at ingredients’

Restaurant finder
‘It’s a struggle to eat out and socialise sometimes as her family and friends are not vegan’

‘I find support through following Instagram influencers and reading blogs about the vegan lifestyle’

Progress Tracker
‘I feel a sense of accomplishment when i met my goals’

‘I'm constantly unsure if I'm getting enough nutrients’

‘I find majority of my recipes online'

Defined 3 core needs using prioritisation matrix with stakeholders.

During the interview process we discovered that 18/20 users were already satisfied with the availability of recipes online therefore we decided to remove this from the app. We also ensured there was feasibility to implement the changes & that the changes aligns with the business goals.

  1. Find Restaurant
  2. Scanner
  3. Sense of community

Identified Strengths and Opportunities to implement through market research


25 user tested

During this usability test round we evaluated the functionality of our mid-fidelity prototype & uncovered our users thoughts on the current user flow. We aimed to verify that our prototype solves our user needs, locate any ‘pain points’ that may hinder the user experience, identify any key design features that could be improved or added to help the users attain their end goal.

We discovered areas to adjust and refine from our testing.

Our testing revealed many insights, we were able to assess the flow of the app with our users & identify what areas required improvement. Through affinity mapping we identified patterns for change which we will be focusing on the next round (See below).

Restaurant finder

What's the best way to display the list view? How can we arrange the filtering system so the best list is curated for our users?


How can we minimise the user task so that they would be more likely to contribute in the failed cases?


How can we engage the users with the badges & encourage them to contribute to the app?

Why the name Voodie?

We came up with a long list of names & after much deliberation and user testing we landed on a short, simple and snappy name: Vegan + Vegetarian Foodie = Voodie!

Our stakeholders were also excited about this new name, with everyone aligned we moved onto giving Voodie a complete new brand identity.

Giving Voodie a distinct brand Identity

The color palette is approachable & engaging. It has a playful, uplifting tone catered to a wider audience.

For typography, we have used Brandon Grotesque for It’s distinctive characters, it has a functional modern look with a warm touch that appears elegant and highly individual.


Explore - Restaurant finder

During our mid fidelity testing we uncovered that users preferred to land on the list view instead of the map view to discover new places.

As a default setting the nearest restaurant will appear based on the users location but we wanted to ensure that our users have full control over the content that appears on their list page if they wish to do so. One of the ways which we can let the users control this is via a detailed filtering system.

We also have a map view and to make it easier for users to locate specific store. We have incorporated a distinct colour palette & icons for the different categories. This allows users to distinguish between the stores at a glance. There is a legend so the users are able to easily refer to if needed.


Positive flow Users are directed straight to the relevant content. We have a tick and a cross to indicate at a glance if the product meets the
dietary requirement. Users can dive further into the nutritional information.

Negative flowTo encourage users to contribute we made the negative flow very intuitive and easy with users only needing to take 2 images to contribute to the database. Users are also rewarded with a badge for contribution and helping the community.


In profile, users are able to view their saved restaurants, previously scanned items and reviews. They can view the achievement they have earned and access information on how to collect badges.

Additional Screens

Screens for sign up, contributing to the community, add listing, reporting restaurant, deleting reviews and gallery photo gallery of the restaurant.

Design System & Sitemap

Our design system includes visual styles, components, and a comprehensive set of guidelines so that the development team can maintain visual consistency going forth.

Reflection & Next steps

Voodie allowed us as a team to have full reign and execute this project, Through research we were able to identify the pain points and successfully deliver a first class user experience and create a well rounded product with impeccable UI design.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my team in creating this app.  

Level studios are very pleased & excited about the complete rebrand of Voodie. They will be carrying forth this project in the development stage.

Voodie is aimed to launch in the app store end of 2020